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Good job on the FP, buddy. Havent' seen you in a while. Keep it up.

Twisted4000 responds:

Haven't seen you in a while either, you keep it up as well!

I vomited a little in my mouth a little.

Oh my god, hilarious. I only wish it was a little longer!

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I like seeing a game with a purpose. Even though the game isn't too much, the message is. I loved it.

I think the outfits are hilarious! My only problem is that it was nigh impossible to see the character at the beginning of the game, but for a dress up game it's pretty fun.

Pretty funny! I think that it would have been more logical to reference the GOTTA GO FAST meme but regardless, I found it quite enjoyable.

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It's alright. It seems like it needs a little something, you know? I liked the start but it just didn't go far. I think if you added an extra minute to this and added a different direction to it, it would be a lot better. Good luck, I like where this is going.

joemonkey25 responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate you giving me feedback. I'm just kinda posting things as I learn how to do more things with flstudios.

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Love it, looks like a character in a short silent animated film.

>Nipples visible
>"E" rating

me: lol

On an actual review, I don't really like the lineart on this one; your other ones seem to be more expressive. This just comes off as flat.

Twisted4000 responds:

Really? I didn't notice a difference at all.

lol I like the shading on this one.

Twisted4000 responds:

Yeh I went with like, super bright lighting and super dark shading.

I'm not super social so don't expect me to be your best friend. If you wanna ask me stuff though feel free to talk to me.

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