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Where are your movies?

Posted by daigonite - March 1st, 2017

I was contacted by Tom Fulp regarding copyright use of the music in my videos. He pointed out that copyright issues were causing major issues for Newgrounds, so I voluntarily took down all my content, which uses copyrighted music improperly. I apologize for the inconvenience. They will NOT be available for download elsewhere because I have since lost the computer I made them on. Again, I'm very sorry if this disappoints anyone.

I'm very inactive on NG but I thought I'd just say - I'm still working on Colors! Feel free to check it out on my Facebook page on the game, which has playable demos for Windows. It's my major source of updates. It also is blind accessible; I suggest that if you're curious you check it out because it's pretty cool, you can play most of the demo without graphics! This game is essentially a spiritual successor to my flash animations, so in that sense, they live on.

Have a great day everyone!

The characters Tricorn, Skullbird and Dipper from my game Colors: Chromatics.

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Damn, and I was searching for revengineering, now its lost forever. Its sad day indeed

yeah sorry about that... I still have herondance and year to remember on my hard drive, and I'm pretty sure I have the rest floating around somewhere...

im a bit late to this but someone actually archived those swf files. they are on dagobah.net. they show up under the tf2 tag. its funny cuz i really liked that spy vid and i just got curious about it and wanted to see it again. it really stuck to me. unfortunately they dont have the scout one. just revengineering and fyi im a spy

Not sure if anyone will see this but you can access many of his old animations using the wayback machine and having (atleast the old) adobe flash installed