Check this out!

2013-05-01 12:02:06 by daigonite

Since there's a lot of animators and animation lovers here, I think this is a really cool thing that we should all check out!

Shot at super subatomic levels of just a few nanometers across, IBM manually manipulated superchilled Carbon Monoxide molecules to make this short. Now THAT'S pretty cool.

Just thought I'd share this with you folks! See ya later... and working on a new project! (hopefully I won't accidentally delete this one...)


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2013-05-01 14:10:13

This is so cool!


2013-05-01 16:22:21

It's incredible what technology can do.

How much time until we start creating cyborgs and naked mens from the future start appearing?


2013-05-02 00:47:40

How didn't I knew of this?! Well, good you posted it! I didn't knew that was actually possible nowadays. I'm actually excited thinking about how it will lead to reaching the absolute physical limit of info storage.

daigonite responds:

IBM has been working with manipulating atoms for years. They assembled the first manmade atomic structure back in 1990 ( _%28atoms%29), out of xenon atoms.

It took over 18 hours to complete just that logo, consisting of 35 individual atoms. Pretty crazy.

The little reverberations in the background are caused by electron interference.

It's really crazy that they're able to do all this. I wonder what kinds of implications this technology has for something like Quantum Physics.


2013-05-02 08:44:25

That is cool.