It's my birthday.

2013-03-23 00:21:00 by daigonite

I've turned 20.


I've been tokin' up all week and I plan to do a little next week, but sadly I must work on my birthday... sigh...

So instead I'll just be posting a picture of myself and oh I have a new hat

It's my birthday.


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2013-03-23 00:46:48

Happy Birthday, stranger!


2013-03-23 00:55:29

Ah happy birthday my group member you are a real help to our cause you know that

I'll look forward to your future work as well you brilliant bastard


2013-03-23 01:42:31

Happy Birthday!


2013-03-28 16:38:29

So the truth has been revealed... also, nice hat!

daigonite responds:

I didn't smoke weed until after production of Eyes, actually, and it wasn't involved in the production (I only smoked once during its production).

However, I've been having... interesting experiences in the last few weeks. heh