Echo - New Flash

2013-03-21 21:14:51 by daigonite

I've started to work on a new flash. It's gonna be fully experimental, with no real "attached emotional meaning" or story, or anything like that. The theme is "Light and Sound", so that's what I'm gonna be working with.

It's gonna be real eye candy, I promise, with all sorts of hypnotic animations and all that. Mike makes his second appearance and there's gonna be a whole subtheme on colour, and a few new characters will appear. Even Mark is scheduled to make an appearance.

So this is sorta going back to Herondance, in a way - no real story (or important story for that matter) but a lot of funky kick ass eye warping animation.

Echo - New Flash


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2013-03-22 00:29:40

That will be fun