2013-01-09 00:38:47 by daigonite

Well, I'm not ready to announce a new project yet. I gotta let the synesthesia kick in, gotta find that one song. That's why I don't have a really consistent theme on what happens in my flashes - images kick in my head from listening to certain kinds of music as opposed to the other way around. So yeah. FUN FACT OF THE DAY, RIGHT?

But on another subject.


Heck, I know it didn't do absolutely amazing but hell, I'm glad it did as well as it did. I dunno, I just feel more content now. Can't wait for the bloke to finally set up base so I can finally set up his big surprise for him once he gets around.

The idea is basically that he's setting up in a dorm and when I'm able to connect, I'll tell him first to make sure there's some roomies in the room with him. Then I'll ask him to turn on his monitor (he usually has it off on his laptop). Then I'm going to have him make sure the other guys are watching, so they can get the message. And then at the end, there will be the little dropped message that I put in there, a message directly to him but one that the whole world can hear.

And then I'll tell him that I made it to the world so the world can know how I feel and so that the world can know how I think of him, and no matter what I love him with the bottom of my heart.




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