2012-08-07 23:33:31 by daigonite

Since it seems to be wanted quite much by the community, I'll be having my hand at a Minecraft flash. It will involve experimentation, as well as some of the techniques I've ironed out. I think a priority with this flash will be to give it less of a storybook feel, and a more 3Dish feel.

I have a storyline set out (albeit a simple one), but I think I'll hold off until I get it more lined out.

Here is the music that I'm thinking about using (a REAL stray from the ordinary!)

(the graphic below is the title screen graphic, which is why there's nothing really on the right side)



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2012-08-08 00:21:06

It's going to be awesome seeing your take on Minceraft (I know I spelled it incorrectly, only some people will get the reference) I wonder if your animation will be exciting or scary or philosophical or something else altogether-and now I'm babbling. Sorry, I'm excited to see the animation is all.

daigonite responds:

I kinda want it to be a more positive animation about adventure and exploring, and the satisfaction of having luck on your side.